Amid rising global trade tensions and sluggish global economic outlook for 2020, the global healthcare market is expected to cross the $2 trillion mark in 2020.

This is a great time for the global health care sector as it is at the forefront in its journey to the future. This is also an era of digital disruption and uncertainty. Among these drivers are a growing and aging population, rising prevalence of chronic diseases, infrastructure investments, technological advancement, fast-evolving care models, higher human resource costs amid healthcare professionals’ shortages, and the rapid expansion of health care systems in developing markets.

Health- care services sector is benefiting from increased global investments, digital interventions caused by significantly lower data costs, and smartphone adoptions across which also helped the Health Tech start-up ecosystem. India has a unique challenge due to its ruralurban divide wherein over 70% of Indians reside in rural areas and struggle to access basic healthcare amenities owing to many infra challenges; however, smartphones with low-cost data services have the potential to resolve this critical challenge. Similarly, the Health Tech start-up ecosystem is partnering with Indian & Global companies to move towards affordable healthcare. With booming rates of noncommunicable diseases in rural & urban India, the level & quality of care needed today must be more intuitive and perceptive so timely action can be taken. Even as the extent of challenges for India’s .

While growth momentum continues , sector is experiencing concern on financial health, rapidly falling ARPU (average revenue per user), delays in the rollout of innovative products and services, low broad band penetration, limited spectrum availability, high competition and tariff war etc.

Our Offerings

We at Igniting Thought are partnering with service providers, start-ups and investors to drive transformational shift in business models and leverage digital technologies to stay at forefront as gainer in the market place. We are working with Health care service providers to offer integrated and seamless experience in Telemedicine. We also help healthcare provider’s to transform their IT infra and deliver digital transformation programs enabling new revenue streams .

Case Study

IT services and continuity Management

Industry: Healthcare

Problem Statement
  • An Indian healthcare venture having chain of multicausality hospitals was facing challenges of IT system availability, performance and scalability
Solution Provided
  • Worked with Technology and operations team to ensure key systems were migrated to highly scabble systems and with defined biz continuity plan .
Outcome Delivered
  • High performing IT infra with proven scalability, availability and continuity.